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Strategies Overview

The only way to communicate trust
is to nurture the human side of
business. Through empathy and
understanding, businesses can
develop lasting relationships with
customers and employees.

During the financial crisis, my role as an associate editorial director at a financial services firm enabled me to learn from those remarkable events. In order to reach customers at the height of the trauma, I developed communication and leadership practices that increase trust between businesses and stakeholders in times of great uncertainty.

These are my practices and methodologies. Each one represents countless hours of research and empirical learning. And they all have mindset segmentation at their core.


Organizations are no longer built on force but on trust. The existence of trust between people does not necessarily mean that they like one another. It means that they understand one another. Taking responsibility for relationships is therefore an absolute necessity. It is a duty. Whether one is a member of the organization, a consultant to it, a supplier, or a distributor, one owes that responsibility to all one’s coworkers: those whose work one depends on as well as those who depend on one’s own work.” Read Drucker’s full article, Managing Oneself, at www.hbr.org.