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Trust Building Tools

Suite of Tools

Essential trust-building competencies
for businesses of all sizes.

The tools can be purchased individually for $25.00 or free of charge with any corresponding consulting service. They work well together or individually. They are also described in detail in the Strategies section of this site.


Mindset Segmentation 101


Understand your customers’ values, expectations, and motivations.

Tool description
Instead of influencing your marketing strategy, mindset segmentation will influence your organization’s customer strategy. Simply put, there’s more to your customers than their willingness to purchase your products. When you see customers as people, you learn how to establish and sustain their trust—through even the most difficult market environments. Further, mindset segmentation produces customer identities (personas) that span silos and promote interdepartmental collaboration through a shared psychological understanding of customers.

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Internal Communications

Develop an organizational competency with trust.

Tool description
Communication is the mechanism businesses employ to sustain trust with the two audiences that determine success: employees and customers. Managers in all functional areas must master the principles of trust-based leadership and communicate in a manner that conveys integrity and engenders loyalty. No department is better positioned to serve the organization in this capacity than Internal Communications.

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Messaging Model

Develop a communications strategy based on how your customers will experience a change.

Tool description
Based on customers’ mindsets, this 4-step process establishes communications goals and strategies to support an optimal customer experience. The process is rooted in an understanding of customers’ desires and fears and therefore builds trust and confidence by delivering messages that anticipate and address customers’ needs.  When applied correctly, this process has been proven to streamline internal communications activities while improving brand quality through unified messaging that spans silos and geographic constraints.

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Crisis Framework

Align corporate citizenship with crisis management.

Tool description
In contrast to traditional crisis response, which is defined largely by financial and legal liability, crisis management in the era of massive environmental, terrorism-based, and economic crises is based on the concept of corporate citizenship. Essentially, customers expect businesses to assume greater responsibility during a crisis and to exhibit a broader set of leadership principles based on care and concern for the community at large.

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Note: These tools can be purchased individually or free of charge with any corresponding consulting service.

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