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Messaging Model


Messaging Model

Develop a communications strategy based on how your customers will experience a change.

What it is

Based on customers’ mindsets, this 4-step process establishes communications goals and strategies to support an optimal customer experience. The process is rooted in an understanding of customers’ desires and fears and therefore builds trust and confidence by delivering messages that respond to customers’ needs.  If applied correctly, this process has been proven to streamline internal communications activities while improving brand quality through unified messaging that spans silos and geographical constraints.

This experience-based messaging model prioritizes customers’ emotional and rational needs vis-à-vis business objectives.

What it does:

Communicating change through the lens of customer experience begins with an understanding of customers’ perceptions of that change. The change can stem from the marketplace, a crisis, or simply a product update. Regardless, change brings fear and, to uphold trust, communications must set the right expectations and proactively address customers’ concerns. By projecting customers’ experience of a change, companies can refine business and communications goals to promote trust and avoid messaging disasters. Additionally, this model supports rapid decision-making within small businesses and complex organizations.
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