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Mindset Segmentaion 101


Mindset Segmentation 101

Understand your customers’ values, expectations, and motivations.

What it is

Instead of influencing your marketing strategy, mindset segmentation will influence your organization’s customer strategy. Simply put, there’s more to your customers than their willingness to purchase your products. When you see customers as people, you learn how to establish and sustain their trust—through even the most difficult market environments. Further, mindset segmentation produces customer identities (personas) that span silos and promote interdepartmental collaboration through a shared psychological understanding of customers.

What it does

This tool will help you understand the underpinnings of this vital segmentation process. The process establishes a working knowledge of customers’ rational and emotional motivations, which enables empathetic communication strategies, product design, and customer-centric strategy development. Employees throughout your organization will gain a stronger connection to customers and in return, customers will feel that your company cares about them.


Note: Mindset segmentation is a complex concept and a highly detailed process. All segmentation efforts are daunting and this approach is additionally challenging because the ideas and overall objective are unfamiliar. A consulting service, described on the website, is highly recommended.


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