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Organizations that promote a growth mindset enable individuals and teams to thrive, largely because people’s fear of failure is transformed into a curiosity about discovering their potential. Growth mindset cultures also promote other important social behaviors such as psychological safety, inclusive decision-making, and customer-centric collaboration.

“It’s about every individual, every one of us having that attitude – that mindset – of being able to overcome any constraint, stand up to any challenge, making it possible for us to grow and thereby for the company to grow.” Sataya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

While every organization seeks to amplify trust, few leaders understand how every interaction either erodes or fortifies the tacit trust agreements that exist with employees and customers. Learning to communicate trust requires us to pull back and look at the micro-messages leaders transmit with their words and actions.

Upholding trust requires a collaborative leadership style that fosters true partnerships with all stakeholders. These relationships rely on dignity, appreciation, and acceptance. Leaders who strengthen their ability to make others feel respected will gain the trust of their employees and customers.




“I attended your excellent workshop. The interactive session was full of practical takeaways, yet the concepts continue to percolate as I’m back in the office. A valuable combination. Thank you, Kellie!”

“I so enjoyed learning from you at the IABC global conference this past week. Your workshop sparked a lot of ideas for me. I’ve been reviewing my notes from your class and can’t wait to share them with my boss. Thank you for showing up and inviting the class to build empathy.”

“I found myself drawing connections to my current client work throughout the presentation.”

“Loved the interactive aspects of this session. The research presented was very valuable, and useful for anyone regardless of their communication role. The collaboration techniques used assured that multiple voices were heard and added an extra dimension of usefulness to the session.”

“I really appreciated learning the frameworks and hearing examples.”

“Excellent session. Thank you, I learned a number of great new things!!”